Are we a fit for you?

We focus exclusively at a certain stage and sector of a business. It's our bread and butter. We stick to our knitting as that's where we have had the greatest impact. If our parameters sound like a fit, we would love to hear from you.

  • Bootstrapped / Lightly Capitalized

    Bootstrapped / lightly capitalized businesses have strong core products that have been validated by at least a subset of the market. These businesses have grown largely via word-of mouth which creates tailwinds for future expansion - this next level of growth requires a different skill-set. We help companies institutionalize sales and marketing and attack new market opportunities which have yet to be unlocked.

  • Sectors

    Enterprise / B2B software, financial technology (specifically payments), and technology-enabled business services represent our areas of expertise where we have strong operating knowledge and investment success. This specialization has helped us build an unmatched network and domain expertise that our management teams can use to their advantage.

  • Domain Expertise

    We love to partner with management teams who have lived the problem they are solving. These teams have unique market insights and an unparalleled industry network that they can use to outcompete both upstarts and incumbents.

  • Flexibility

    Whether it is minority or majority investments, growth capital, or liquidity for founders and early investors, we structure a variety of investments that provide the most flexibility and optionality to you and your stakeholders.

  • Resources

    Our firm has been purpose-built to optimize key functions in a bootstrapped organization (sales and marketing, corporate and business development, finance, recruiting). Our goal is to provide you with the resources and expertise to augment your already successful organization and to help you and your team realize your fullest potential.

  • Anti-VC

    We don’t have an “all or nothing” approach to investing. We don’t push companies to grow at all costs or raise / spend exorbitant amounts of capital just because you can. We believe this mindset is inherently riskier, increases founder dilution, and reduces future optionality. Our goal is to help you realize your fullest potential and reach a successful outcome where everybody wins.